Effects of Massage

What to expect following soft tissue massage therapy

Our goal with therapeutic soft tissue massage is to help release muscular tightness, adhesions and “knots” in the muscles which are either specifically causing your condition or contributing to the chronic patterning of your condition (i.e., muscular tightness which is causing spinal vertebrae to remain out of alignment, restricted or subluxated).

When you are having therapeutic soft tissue massage performed, the treatment should not be painful. However, in order to be effective, the massage should be deep enough to help decrease the muscular tension and release the tight bands and trigger points. Remember, the goal in our office is not relaxation massage (as nice as that is). The day following the soft tissue work, you may experience some soreness (or maybe not at all). If you do experience this, it should pass within 2 days and then you will overall feel improved. If you experience soreness for more than 2 days, or you are very sore, you should inform the doctor at your next visit and we will adjust the intensity of the soft tissue work.

The treatment process often takes time to help improve or reduce the “knots” or adhesions. Sometimes a few visits suffice and other times it may be a maintenance process to help reduce the size and negative effects of the muscular tightness or trigger points. Prescribed stretching and exercises may be recommended by the doctor and will often augment and speed up the healing process.

Patience with the treatment process often is necessary in advanced or very chronic cases. However with time, patience, and adhering to the treatment plan, you should attain success with improving or resolving your condition.

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