Chiropractic Joint Manipulation

At Onion River Chiropractic, our doctors are skilled professionals with over thirty years of experience in joint manipulation for spinal and extremity conditions.

Onion River Chiropractic Joint Manipulation

We utilize both manual (Diversified and Drop table techniques) as well as low force, instrument (Activator) adjusting. Our techniques are focused on providing optimal joint alignment and, most importantly, spinal and extremity joint functioning and motion. Our goal is to optimize joint functioning to achieve improved range of motion (both globally and intersegmentally), to decrease joint stiffness and rigidity, increase spinal nerve functioning and, of course most importantly for you, to decrease pain.

We are very skilled at selecting and suggesting appropriate spinal manipulation techniques that are best suited for your current health status and your ability to tolerate either manual or low force instrument adjusting. It is not our philosophy to only treat a very specific area of the body. The body functions as a unit in which one area effects another as a kinetic chain. Therefore, we are always looking to address your whole functional system for optimal results. However, it is also not our philosophy to provide treatment or spinal manipulation without your consent. We respect your active participation in the treatment process.